Experiment 626. Twenty-five. "She" (technically cis-female but really gender-queer). Part of the invisible/forgotten B in LGBTQ. Aquarius. Fat and beautiful. Professionally involved in psychology and mental health. Feminist, activist, and advocate (which should go without saying, for everyone). Television show enthusiast. Obsessed with the 53 Disney Animated Features. ASOIAF reader. Ravenclaw.

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I run a Disney tumblr called disneyanalysis.


careful of those who admire you deeply, think you’re brilliant but resent your light.

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Queen of All She Can See: random words of wisdom for the incoming college freshman who is scared as shit




  • Everyone is in the same boat.
  • the first week of school, everyone is clamoring for friends. the friends you make in the first week will, most likely, not be the friends you end up keeping. that’s okay. keep meeting new people and talk to…

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