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  • Character: Jessie
  • Fandom: Toy Story
  • Reason for Being Hated: Annoying, unneccessary addition, loud, too hyper, annoying voice.

I can’t argue things like she’s “annoying”, “loud”, “too hyper”, and has an “annoying voice”. I won’t even deem those reasons worthy of talking about.

But the idea of her being an “unnecessary addition” is something I can easily talk about.

Toy Story 2 presents a new part of the toys’ story. It shows how hard it is for them to move on when children grow up. Woody is faced with worrying, again, about Andy’s devotion to him, and Jessie purpose in the film is to show Woody what it feels like to be abandoned. 

If it weren’t for Jessie’s involvement in the film, it would lack emotional depth. The film would then just be a kidnap mission by friends (making up for their treatment of Woody in the first film), and about Woody’s inner turmoil about what he means in this world. Without Jessie, Woody wouldn’t have been able to see first-hand what it feels like to no longer mean something to the person who meant the most to you. It was a necessary step for him to realize that being behind glass for children to look at is not the same as being played with by one child.

And another thing: if it weren’t for Jessie, the real antagonist in Toy Story 2 would have been more obvious. The movie would have lacked suspense and it wouldn’t have presented Woody with the issues of trust that he constantly has to work through. We would have known from the get-go that the Prospector is the troublemaker and the entire film would have been different and much less interesting.

Jessie is the glue and the core that holds the plot of Toy Story 2 together. And don’t get me started on how she’s a female lead in a male-dominated series of films.